Monday, July 28, 2008

Holidays are anti-poor

I woke up this morning to be greeted by news that classes in all levels in Metro Manila are suspended.
The official reason for the suspension of classes is supposed to be the typhoon, which is not passing the country, but headed for Taiwan.
Then, after lunch, I went to the city prosecutors office for a hearing.
Offices too were suspended there.
According to a staff member, the Department of Justice declared a half-day for all DOJ personnel and that included the staff members of the prosecutor's office.
Then I remembred that today is the state of the nation address.
I don't know why schools and offices have to be suspended when the President delivers the state of the nation address.
The people already know the state of the nation.
This is a nation of holidays too.
In the coming month of August, there are already two scheduled holidays, August 18 and 25.
We need to have more work days, not holidays.
Holidays are detrimental to the lowest paid members of the country's workforce---the daily wage earners, the casuals, the non-regulars.
If it is a holiday, its no-work-no-pay for them.
For each holiday, hardly will they be able to bring food on the table for their families.
Scrap those worthless holidays.

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