Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mayor's bro not denying documents

I was able to invterview the brother of Valencia mayor Rodolfo V. Gonzalez Jr., municipal councilor Wilfredo V. Gonzalez, to get his side on his involvement as an officer of a cooperative that received a P3-million loan from the municipal government.
This is a conflict-of-interest issue because Wilfredo V. Gonzalez is a member of the municipal council that appropriates money to assist non-government oganizations, and one of the recipients is a cooperative which he, until recently, was an officer (treasurer).
Here is the story out of my interview:
Valencia municipal Councilor Wilfredo V. Gonzalez is not denying a document that listed him as an officer of a cooperative that has been a recipient of the P3-million loan from the municipal government.
This was learned from Gonzalez during an exclusive interview with the Chronicle when asked about a document, the general information sheet for the year 2006 where he was listed as “treasurer” of the Valencia Integrated Growers Multipurpose Cooperative.
Gonzalez was first elected councilor in 2004.
He is on his second consecutive term.
A report of the Commission on Audit disclosed additional loan releases amounting to P2,000,000.00 were released in 2006 and 2007.
When asked about the document, councilor Gonzalez said:
“Kay na a man kay documents diha, unsa-on nako pag-deny?” (Since you have documents with you, how can I deny?)
Also the Chronicle asked councilor Gonzales whether or not he is a member of any cooperative other than the Valencia Integrated Growers Multipurpose Cooperative, his response was: “Wala”(None).
Gonzalez also confirmed that there was en elective official who was an officer of the cooperative, but resigned after the release of the finding of the COA.
Gonzalez did not identify who this person was saying this was not “necessary”.
Gonzalez emphasized that the recommendations of the COA were followed.
He explained the set-up of the cooperative saying there is a credit committee of which he is not a member.
He said he is also not a member of the board.
Gonzalez also said he signed documents of the cooperative before when he was still a private person.
Gonzalez also confirmed “the COA report is true”.
He explained that after the audit findings, there is a dialogue with COA and the local government where the COA recommends matters that need to be changed.
He said with respect to Valencia growers, the set-up has been changed because we need to follow the COA recommendations, Gonzalez said.

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