Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Image "off-setting"

Last Sunday my wife and I were at Evangelista to meet a friend.
Suddenly, whle we were at roadside, an American wearing shorts and carrying a backpack interevened.
He asked if we could speak English.
We said yes.
He narrated his sad tale that he was on a bus heading for Subic.
Somebody apparently, "dropped" his coins on the floor of the bus.
The innocent American tried to help pick up the coins.
Unknowingly, while helping pick up the coins, somebody took his wallet, which contained all his cash and credit cards.
Upon realizing what had just happened to him, he disembarked from the bus and began walking, as he had nothing with him.
He began hiking and headed towards a police station.
He didn't get any help.
(In the Philippines, some say it is not normal to ask money from the police. It would be normal if it is the other way around).
So he continued walking.
Until he stumbled upon us three.
I gave him a P500, which was the only money in my wallet incidentally.
We discussed, the Philppine image once again received a black eye with that pickpocket incident.
But hopefully it was redeemed when we gave him the P500.
You can call that image "Off-setting".

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