Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Looking for Freddie

I have been looking for my high school classmate Freddie Estacion.
He was a classmate since kindergarten. My latest info is that he is coaching the La Salle soccer team.
Freddie has gone a long way. We used to play soccer games in Dumaguete and national games at the Pasig Ultra ballfield when we were in high school.
He "careered" his talent sint he sport, and is now one of the best soccer coaches in the country.
He joins Marlon Maro, Roroy Pinero, Marlon Pinero who have given honor to the country by representing the national team in soccer events abroad.
I heared soccer teams of prominent schools in the country are in in a tug-of-war in trying to get Dumaguete-based soccer coaches.

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