Saturday, May 17, 2008

With Journeyman Arnel Pineda....

Last Thursday, it was a rare treat for us Ruby Josh and many fans of Arnel Pineda and Journey, at the jampacked Hard Rock Cafe.
Arnel Pineda was making his send off Hard Rock concert, before he begins his worldwide tour with Journey. They are going on a 69-venue world tour which includes the Philippines late this year.
It was a blast at the Hard Rock with Arnel singing his trademark cover songs, backed up by his erstwhile band, The Zoo.
He sang four Journey songs, Don't Stop Believing, Open Arms, Faithfully, and Separate Ways.
He also did other covers on hits like Rossana (Toto), Roxanne (Sting), a medley of Queen greats like Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions. He also did Stairway to Heaven, Without You, and many more.

I took videos of the gig which I will post later.
It was memorable, specially for my son Joshua who was extremely excited.
It was Josh's first time to attend a concert, and he felt estatic to watch it with Arnel Pineda.
Josh has become a huge fan of Journey and is very familiar with the hits of Journey in the nineteen-eighties, more than a decade prior to his birth.
Without casting disrespect on other talented singers, watching Arnel Pineda perform is like separating the grains from the chaff.
He not only has talent, but he has an X factor that providentially, became the missing piece of the Journey puzzle.
He electrifies the stage.
When he performs, it is always as if it is his last.
He gives it all like there is no tomorrow.

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Sean B said...

Read how my girlfriend and I talked to Arnel Pineda on the phone a couple days ago.