Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Superdelegates should decide

I am not that familiar with the system of choosing the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.
The two main Democratic candidates for president Brack Obama and Hillary Clinton are locked-in battle for the nomination.
Obama, however is leading in the delegate count as well as the popular vote.
Although her chances at snatching the nomaintaion are getting slimmer by the day, Hillary remains stubborn and won't quit the nomination race.
As of last report, right after the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Barack Obama needs only 184 delegates to clinch the nomination.
I wonder if it would be possible for the superdelegates to just band to gether and get that 184 count and declare, even unofficially or informally,their support for Barack Obama.
Not so much for my preference for Obama, but more to let the Democrats have a candidate already.
From the way it looks, the longer it takes to choose the Democratic candidate for president, the more divisive it becomes for the Democratic party, and the more it adversely affects its timetable in competing for the general election against the Republican presidential candidate John Mc Cain.

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