Saturday, May 03, 2008

Panglao beachfronts for sale

I was recently in Bohol with my friend Voltaire. We killed some idle time go around viewing the remaining beachfront lots for sale in the island of Panglao. Panglao is now the subject of speculation buying, considing an international airport that is going to be constructed right at the hear of the tourist island. The airport is already a go, with President Arroyo leading the ground breaking rites on May 8. The President said she wants the airport finished by 2010, before her term ends. Prices of lots in Panglao are expected to skyrocket with the beginning of the contruction of the airport. Now is a good time to buy prized lots in Panglao island, speculators say, that is, if you have the money One of the lots we saw was a 4.2 hectare lot with a long strip of beachfront. It is for sale for P65,000,000.00 or around US$1,550,000.00.
Another Panglao lot we saw was a fourteen hectare lot with a long strip of white sand beach front which is being sold at a total sum of P560,000,000 or US$13,333,000. The lot could be divided into two portions and sold at seven hectares each.


Anonymous said...

That's a mad price, but then if mad investors without hesitation takes it the mad deal ,it pushes prices up even further as sky is the limit.Ordinary filis like me stay out of the beaches and nice places and pushed away to live up in the mountains,a mad and sad world indeed.


Isleof said...

If you are looking for investment island land in Bohol, check out Pangangan Island @ Calape. Once the concrete road is complete (about 2 more elections I think) land values will double. As Panglao gets too expensive and noisy, Pangangan is likely to become popular.