Thursday, March 06, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. led the anti-color coding movement

Neither Bayani Fernando nor the MMDA invented "color-coding."
"Color-coding" dates back to the days of the civil rights movement.
I just remembered one of my favorite words, spoken by the late Martin Luther King Jr. at the height of the civil rights movement.
He said: It is better to walk in dignity, than to ride in humiliation.
These words were spoken after a black woman riding on a bus, refused to give her seat to a white passenger.
Rosa Parks was arrested because of her refusal.
It was the law then that blacks must give up their bus seats to whites.
Then, there were toilets for blacks, and separate toilets for whites, even if the color of urine was the same.
Schools for white, and schools for blacks, despite the equal intellectual capacities and potentials.
It was the darks days of segregation, a period in American history better left forgotten.
Those days people were segragated based on skin-color.
The Rosa Parks incident ignited a burning movement for equality.
The angered blacks, mounted a peaceful protest by deciding to just walk to work and refuse to ride the "color-coded" bus seats.
They prefered to experience the daily discomforts of walking in dignity.
What about you?
Are you, today, walking in dignity?
Or are you riding in humiliation?

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Good words.