Monday, March 24, 2008

Cory has colon cancer

The news today that former President Corazon Aquino has colon cancer came as a shock.
Immediately, what came to my mind was the battle that our family faced when our late grandfather Zoilo D. Dejaresco was struck by the Big C more than five years ago.
It is a stressful, agonizing exercise because cancer is a very serious ailment.
With my grandfather, I learned at very close range, how a person and a family cope with cancer.
I learned what chemotherapy is, and how it mauls both the flesh and the spirit of the patient.
That is why I offer prayers for the former President, and all those who are similarly facing such difficult trial.
I pray for full recovery.
I pray for the surrounding loved ones, that they may have strength in their times of suffering.
As an icon of Philippine democracy, Cory's place in Philppine history has long been secured.
It was so dramatic to witness a plain houswife Cory, fight the politically skilled dictator not long ago.
But as she faces her latest battle, we join in prayers that she would achieve yet another victory.
She will overcome.

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