Monday, March 31, 2008

Bloody labor unrest at Dumaguete pier

The labor unrest at the Dumaguete pier has turned bloody.
I read from news reports that the violent scuffle has resulted in injuries between the police and the picketing laborers.
There is a photo of one member of the picketing labor force bloodied, and accosted, perhaps for treatment.
It pains me to see such situations where laborers, have to experience such violent controntations in defense of their rights and interests.
One has to emphatize, in order to feel the greivances sentiments of the poorer sector of our society.
They are natural victims of social inequities.
The laborers have simple wants.
They merely want to have the basic necessities in life---food, clothing and shelter.
Yet, they have to experience violent confrontations to achieve their ends.
Those who have less in life must have more in law, according to one of the greatest presidents of this country, President Ramon Magsaysay.
He was a president who exemplified the meaning of true public service, which is service to the poor first, not to the capitalists, the rich, who can afford all the luxuries in life.
That is why we have a constitution that seeks to protect the interests of labor.
But these constitutional precepts are so difficult to uphold in day-to-day practice.
Blood, sweat, tears have to flow in defense of these social justice provisions.

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topixkie said...

Yes!!! laborers have the rights....The authority must not violate it.