Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carnapping industry

Carnapping has become a cottage industry in Metro Manila.
Here is one of the schemes of carnap syndicates.
When an insured car suffers a total loss, the insurance company pays the insured.
The insruance company seeks to salvage whatever losses it suffered out of paying the insured.
To salvage, the insurance company sells through public bidding the "total loss" car.
Here come the carnappers.
They buy these "total loss" cars sold by the insurance company.
These "total loss" cars are complete with legal papers.
The carnappers then steal another car of the same make and model.
The carnappers will use the engine of the "total loss" car they bought from the insurance company, and replace the engine of the stolen car.
As a result, they will now have a car complete with legal papers.
Authorities will not be able to determine that it is a hot car.
Meanwhile, the engine of the carnapped car, will be chopped into bits and sold in pieces.

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