Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Skeptical suicide?

I am quite intrigued at the violent death of Maria Jeanette C. Tecson, a lawyer, 40 years old.
The reason is because she died in the same building where I have my law office.
She was reported to have died under violent circumstances inside a hotel room in Richmonde Hotel which is located at No. 21 San Miguel Avenue corner Lourdes Street, Ortigas Center Pasig City.
Now let me clarify. This building is divided into two.
One is the hotel, Richmonde Hotel, while the other is where the various offices are located, the Richmonde Plaza.
I haven't heard of Atty. Tecson except that just like many, she became quite familiar because of the disqualification case agasint Fernando Poe Jr., and the infamous Pacific Plans Inc. fiasco.
Atty. Tecson was involved in the filing of the disqualification case against FPJ, while she acted as lawyer or spokesperson for Pacific Plans where she appeared on nationwide television many times.
So her face looks familiar.
Police are heavily hinting at suicide. But some are suspicious, and say the police should not rule out homicide or murder.
For me, the police should investigate more.
What strikes me immediately is that if it wasn't suicide, then how could the killer have escaped the guards of the hotel?
What time did she die?
These questions are significant to me because I know of certain secret passages in that building where one can come and go unnoticed, even by the barong-clad security guards of the hotel.

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