Monday, October 15, 2007

Desperate choices

Not long ago I took a Ceres bus from Cebu City to Dumaguete.
It is the most accessible for me because there is always a bus that leasves almost every hour to Bato, where 25-minute-per-trip barges await to take passengers to Sibulan.
In one of my bus trips I had with me my camera.
One scene that amused me was this public comfort room, where the bus would make a brief stop to enable the passengers to relieve themselves.
What was amusing to me was that the price for use of the comfort room depended on what a patron/user relieved himself or herself of.
The rates for the use of the comfrot rooms were:
For "ihi" (urinate) --- one peso
For "libang" (bowel movement) --- three pesos.
I took a picture of a woman who apparently, by her looks in the photo, could not decide what she would relieve herself of.
It appeared she was in a dillema.
Or she could have been amazed at the payment scheme...

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