Monday, October 22, 2007

Death stalks

Death is a silent, invisible stalker.
It stalks you and me everyday.
The only question is, when will death strike?
It is only a question of when.
This is what engulfed me, and perhaps many minds when a blast at the Glorietta Makati killed more than ten innocent people.
The close relatives of those who were killed never ever thought that death was about to strike their loved ones.
Imagine, my partner Ted said he had a scheduled meeting at Gerry's Grill which is only less than thirty meters from the site of the explosion.
He said his meeting was at three p.m., and he could have used idle time at the Glorietta before the meeting, and he could have been one of those killed.
My wife just twenty four hours earlier from the blast passed by the Glorietta itself at the exact time, 1:30 p.m. of Thursday.
She said she passed by the site of the blast last Wednesday at around 12 noon. That's two days before the blast.
Me too. I go to Glorietta lunch time to buy some things like ink printer, office supplies, accessories.
The last time I was near the site of the explosion was just two days before, Wednesday.
I went to Park Square to have my computer adaptor fixed.
Park Square is about fifty meters away from the blast site.
Death is a cheat.
Many of those who were killed were young, healthy, full of energy, and even were still looking at better days or years ahead.
You could hardly meet any person terminally ill in that place.
Yet, death snatched these young innocent lives away in a single a thief in the night.

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