Thursday, October 11, 2007

Alternative law search

A few months ago I blogged about an alternative to Lex Libris, E-library. A visitor referred me to another alternative to law search called Seek Juris at . I'm interested to try this out, but I don't know the contact details. Lex Libris is a little costly if you are a subscriber, I must admit.
In my own experience, as a practitioner, these law search aids have become quite indispenseable, and very helpful in my practice.
Practically, I have a mobile law office. I draft pleadings even at Starbucks, or while waiting for my hearing at the mediation center, or while waiting for a flight at the airport.
If a client calls me for a query while I am outside the office, I don't have to go back to the office to research the answer or opinion. I just open the Lex Libris in my laptop. It's saves time, generates quick response for the client.
This is modern day law practice, huh?
Its like having all the SCRA Philippine Reports and your law books tucked in four computer discs. Its a portable law library.
Good investment.
Which reminds me...I haven't paid for my 2nd quarter updates....


Anonymous said...


i'm a seekjuris user. this is a poor man's libris. as fast and as many options. but no shadow files and graphics.only pure text.
+++: monthly update @ only P120.
btw, the contact details is on the site that you displayed in your blog.
also: you can have juris and laws in a single DVD.

atty dean,

Jay Dejaresco said...

Thanks Atty dean.
I will certainly try this out.
Imagine it is only P120 per update.
For me, what would be competitive is the facility of the search. The easier, faster the search, the better.
Thanks again.

robjavier said...

I really wonder how I can contact the seller of SeekJuris. I intend to buy one.