Friday, April 13, 2007

Media coverage of a "private individual"

Mike Arroyo's lawyer, the good companero, must be scratching his head these days.
After the serious medical condition experienced by his client, he is having trouble justifying his legal argument that his client is a private individual.
Broadsheets and tabloids alike are bannering on a daily basis the medical status of his very "private"client.
Everyday that his "private individual" client is headlined smacks right at the face of his argument that Mike Arroyo is a private individual.
If the good companero or his client continues to insist that the first gentleman is a private individual, then he is the only private indiviudal in the whole world who is a public figure, judging by the way the media treats the story of his health condition. Imagine, there is even a continuous stream of medical bulletins for the media of this "private individual."
There is a clear definition of what constitutes apublic figure, both in American and Philippine jurisprudence (i.e. Ayer Productions, Curtis v Butts,etc) .
Mike Arroyo simply does not fit in the category of a private individual.
It's a case of a square peg placed on a round hole.

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