Saturday, April 21, 2007

Chronicle's new face

My former classmate since kindergarten, Oning Yee, who is now based in Los Angeles will launch the new face and service of the Negros Chronicle.
Oning runs a successful computer business in Los angeles, and is now hiring Dumaguetenos in his work office in Bacong.
Oning is the classic example of working overseas, and helping the country's economy by providing jobs to locals who wouldn't have to leave the country.
Anyway, Oning is behind this new project of the Negros Chronicle website.
Currently, the website is static. It will be made dynamic so that there will be reader participation and instant feedback.
I told Oning that it is important that the Negros Chornicle be interactive.
He agrees, therefore, there will be forums, reader contributions, instant reaction, etc.
Most important, there will be daily breaking news, so the website will be updated on a daily basis.
So, in a few days or weeks, there will be a change in the face of the Negros Chronicle website.

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