Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Capco and Cayetano

I attended a hearing in Muntinlupa today.
A new counsel appeared for the adversary. He is the former mayor of Taguig, Jose T. Capco, Jr. of the Capco & Campanilla Law Office.
Capco sprung into media visibility lately, as he is the one who is filing a disqualification case against senatoriable Allan Peter Cayetano, who happens to be my batchmate in law school.
Atty. Capco and I engaged in a converstation about Allan's disqualification as a senatorial candidate.
I told him I have not followed the case at all, so he took liberty of trying to explain to me what his case is all about.
Anyway, he is alleging that Cayetano has not renounced his Philippine citizenship.
He clarified that he is not contending that Allan is not a natural-born citizn, a requirement for senator.
Capco led me to a maze of facts, which after some inquisitions, did not really convince me.
I am saying that in cases like that, which are politically charged, I need to see actual documents in their naked originals, and not just a verbal naration of facts.
Capco by the way admitted that Allan Cayetano is his "mortal" enemy.
He mentioned he is running for congressman in Taguig. I think Allan's wife is also running for congresswoman in Taguig.

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allen jose marie said...

Ganyan..talaga sya masyadong pakialamero,kahit wla naman ibedinsya maipakita,puro panakot lang ehh..nakkialam sobra.d nalang pakialam at tingnan ang sarili nyang bakuran.!!