Monday, April 23, 2007

Beating the summer heat

The best way to beat the summer heat is to wade in the beach.
While making a visit to Sumilon not too long ago, we took off from Silliman beach because that was where our pump boat awaited us.
We left very early dawn to Sumilon island.
Sumilon, as many locals would know is that island between southern Cebu and Dumaguete City.
It was once a sanctuary and managed by Silliman University.
But, noticing its potentials, the local governments in Cebu took it from Silliman's hands, and commercialized it.
There is now a high end resort in the island,
We only spent a few hours in Sumilon island and came back to Dumaguete City.
We docked at Silliman beach, near the Silliman marine laboratory.
When I was a little kid, Silliman University was always filled with beach goers every Sunday.
I can vividly remember going to Silliman beach ever Sunday, just to beat the heat.
There were cottages lined on the shore.
Then later, Silliman beach became so dirty that nobody would even wae there anymore.
At this time, people flocked to farther Agan-an, where sea water was fresh, cleaner, still unadulterated.
However, the Silliman marine laboratory turned things around, and brought Silliman beach back to what it used to be, a place for beach goers.
I was a bit shocked at the number of beach goers that swam at Silliman beach.
It was a return to the old glory that was Silliman beach.

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