Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New book released on corporate law

Jesus E.G. Martinez, commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission has authored and published a very informative and practical book on corporate law, entitled "Random Writings on Corporate Law."
I feel honored to be given a copy of this book.
I find the book very pratical because it explains the essentials of corporate law from the perspective of experience and practice, and not mainly on theoretical discussions.
In law school, corporate law was one of the heaviest and toughest subjects, and we read so many court decisions on this subject.
But reading Commissioner Martinez' book, we can be adequately guided in dealing with corporate matters.
It is very useful not only for law practitioners, but also for businessmen, and law students.
Commissioner Martinez is a Silliman law alumnus.
He has provided copies of his book to different law schools.
In the 1980's Jess Martinez was a much younger, visible and vibrant voice in the anti-Marcos activistism in Dumaguete.
I remember other local anti-Marcos fighters from Dumaguete like Meniong Teves (congressman), his son Gary (Finance Secretary), lawyers Saleto Erames, the late Dodong Beltran, Elpidio Unto of Valencia, Jose Ancheta. It was a different time.
Later Jess Martinez re-located in Manila and immersed himself in corporate law practice.
He was appointed in 2002 by President Gloria Arroyo as one of five comissioners of the SEC.
Commissioner Martinez lives with his family, with wife Che, in Paranaque.
They have three children, Mikki my batchmate since kindergarten who also serves as administrative assistant to her dad, Tweety, and Choo-choo, and grandchildren.
The book is now available at National Bookstore outlets.

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