Friday, January 12, 2007

Dumaguete mayorship: A Three cornered fight?

The battle for the mayorship of Dumaguete could likely be a three cornered fight.
Contrary to speculations, the incumbent Mayor Agustin Perdices may be contested by formidable opponents in the May elections.
Provincial board member and lawyer Arturo Umbac is reportedly set to gun for the mayorship of the city.
Board member Umbac, garnered the highest number of votes in Dumaguete City among candidates for board members in the last elections.
Reports say Umbac will be backed by Rep. Emilio C. Macias II, who is set to make a comeback for the Capitol's top post.
The probable third candidate for mayor is former mayor Felipe Ipe Remollo.
Remollo is also said to be eyeing the mayorship and will regain city hall from the incumbent mayor who has already been mayor of Dumaguet for seventeen years.
Remollo was mayor of Dumaguete in 1998. He lost to Perdices in 2001.
Should a three cornered fight emerge for the mayorship, it will be a hotly contested election since all three candidates have their own respective political strengths.
Mayor Perdices is expected to be hounded with various issues on peace and order, the extrajuidicial vigilante killings which have remained unsolved, the problem of illegal drugs.
Board member Umbac, while having a sterling public service record as provincial board member and as a former general manager of the electric cooperative, will have to answer questions about his age.
The 45-year old Remollo meanwhile, lost the mayorship on the issues pertianing the controversial purchase of heavy equipment.
Perdices, who challenged Remollo in 2001 claimed that heavy equipment purchased from China were made to appear as brand new when allegedly they were not brand new.
A complaint was filed before the offic eofthe ombudsman against Remollo.
Remollo has been cleared by the ombudsman.
A three cornered fight would be seen as a welcome development by the Duamguete electorate since it would accord more choices for the voters.

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