Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Just a while ago, a Malaysian friend called up to inquire as to how to be able to get the passport number of a Filipina.
My friend reported that this Filipina went to Malaysia as a tourist, and entered the labor sector there to earn Malaysian Ringgit.
What happened was that this Filipina allegedly stole jewelries worth hundreds of thousands of pesos from her employer, and is now nowhere to be found.
My friend believes though that the Filipina is still in Malaysia.
My friend said they have reported the matter to the Malaysian authorities and to the Philippine embassy in Kuala Lumpur.
However, the Malaysian authorities were asking for the passport number of the Filipina so appropriate action can be taken against her, perhaps to blacklist or to arrest her in case she attempts to travel requiring the use of a passport.
Being familiar with the Philippines, my Maylasian friend I guess is open minded enough about compatriots committing an offense in a foreign land.
After all, every nation has its set of thieves, or 'bad eggs,' so to speak.
But I still feel embarrassed about being told that a fellow Filipino committed something wrong in another land.
So, as to the inquiry of my friend I gave reference to the Department of Foreign Affairs which is the agency of the government that issues passports, and certainly has the database of all Filipino passports.
I am one who strongly encourages my compatriots to go out to foreign lands if they wish, and search for their destiny, the greener pastures.
But this encourangement in no way includes condoning the commission of illegal acts because every Filipino always brings along the honor and dignity of their nation wherever they roam in this globe.
That is why I think there is a huge responsibility for every Filipino wanderer to be careful and always strive to do the right things whenever they are abroad.
It is not only their reputation that will be tarnished if they commit illicit acts.


grace said...

That is a shameful act! I'm so embarassed with the story. On the otherhand, there are other Filipinos too who are doing great jobs that makes us proud. Shall we say, this is one rare incident that is less likely to happen to majority of overseas Filipino workers.

mek said...

Indeed very embarrassing .Act of this kind done by a filipino/filipina abroad is appalling and shameful and giving us a bad name.If it's all true, she deserves to be locked up in a malaysian prison.

Rolly Cavan. said...

Romans 3:23 says, "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God".

A policeman in Los Angeles was quoted saying, "our duty is to protect the people, residents, and visitors of Los Angeles" - When asked why they turn their heads the other way, in the issue of apprehending undocumented aliens.

When Jesus was pressured by the mob to punish a sinner, a prostitue, Mary of Magdala, He paused for a moment, and made makings on the ground, and thereafter He said, "those who have no sin amongst you, cast the first stone".

An ancient and honorable group of men around the world, keep careful step to keep to themselves, actions done by others, except for two major offenses against humanity and country.

Brandeis University professor, Deborah Stone said, "blessed are those who are not perfect, for they can save lives of sinners, like you and me - for not casting the first stone.

You see, unless one develops the maturity to stop acting as a police informant on common offenses, we lost sight of our own weaknesses, which may even be worst that what others have.

Anonymous said...

Is so comun to find out cases of dishonesty and other criminal acts by Philipino Citizens living abroad.
The problem is for the filipino people living at the philippines to recognise their internal nature.
In Australia a filipino woman living overthere, created and filed false acusations against an Australian Citizen with BID (Philippines) so he can be deported from Dumaguette - Philippines;but she wants to continue living at Australia.
For your information she is the daughter of a former Congressman from Dumaguette City.
What about that....

Anonymous said...

Is nice to feel proud of been filipino based on nothing, but when you hear cases of dishonesty and other serious criminal acts comited by filipino citizens then is easy to feel shame of been filipino like many other filipino living abroad and feeling the same.
Is shameful also what the filipino Embassy at Camberra Australia is using reused paper to reply their correspondence on one side is the private information personal details ctc, ctc of filipino citizens living at the Philippines and also living at Australia.
To me this is also a big Shame, like the Filipino Embassy has not money to buy fresh paper. ( the question is what are they doing with the money alocated for stationary )I have recived correspondence from them with the private information of filipino Citizens living at Australia and the Philippines.Is not this a real shame?? Well to who they are making look bad around the World ??