Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Spending Fiesta in Bohol

My family and I are very thankful and happy that we were able to spend fiesta in Tagbilaran City this year.

Spending fiesta in Bohol has become a rare experience o for me and my family as well, because we no longer get to visit Bohol, our home province, that often.

The month of May is fiesta season in the province of Bohol.

It is true that everyday during the entire month of May, there is a barangay, town, or city that celerbates a fiesta.

So therefore, even if you have abosolutely nothing to eat, and you happen top be in Bohol in May, you somehow get to eat everyday and will never starve.

On May 1, the capital city of Tagbilaran celebrates fiesta.

May 1 incidentally is a national legal holiday being labor day. But in Bohol, there has been no labor rally, as what usually happens in other cities in the coutnry, as everybody in Tagbilaran is busy preapring for the fiesta festivities.

We spent fiesta with our grandmother, Mommy Charing, where we met our cousins, aunts, uncles and other relatives who also came over, some coming from Cebu.

There is one rare trait among Boholanos. No matter where they are based, Boholanos always find time time to come home in the month of May and join the fiesta activities.

Mommy Charing had her food catered, so to relieve herself of the hassles of food preparations.

We stayed in the family owned beach house in Panglao island and drove to Tagbilaran in time for lunch.
We had the usual lechon, beef, pancit, macaroni.

Best of all, we were able to meet our cousins and aunts and uncles who were also able to come home for the fiesta. We had fun. Mommy played the piano, and uncle Jun Amora, tita Milet's husband, was with his antics.

He joked about how his former classmates in the seminary who had "unusual sexual preferences" shoved off threats they wouldn't make it to heaven. Uncle Jun said the "mahuyang" would be quite comfortable sliding over the rainbow.

Meanwhile, my young cousin Dex Araneta, who is based in Cebu, brought along his Magic Sing Extreme.

This portable karaoke microphone stores around a thousand minus one songs. My son Joshua enjoyed using it, even if it was his first time to ever handle a minus-one microphone.

We are not sure of the next time we would be able to observe fiesta in Tagbilaran City again.
But we are looking forward to next year's festivities.

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