Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Da Vinci Phenomenon

The Da Vinci Code will remembered in history as one of the most successful publicity stunts film promotion.

I just learned on television that in three days after it opened in movie houses worldwide, the film raked in US$224-million.

I have watched the movie and I think a lot of sectors, even those raging against the content of the movie itself wittingly or unwittingly contributed in the film's marketing success.

There was just too much hype.

Imagine, as we were heading towards the movie house, there were others riding on the publicity stunt. There was this company issuing credit cards engaging on a marketing spreee, distributing credit card applications.

Its main marketing scheme was to let its credit card holders crack a Da Vinci Code by pressing a four digits based on a series of numbers in the receipt of their last credit card purchase amounting to not less than a thousand pesos.

If the credit card holder is able to press the right combination, the vault opens, and the card holder wins P400,000.

To attract participants, it displayed a lousy replica of the Monalisa.

I condsider the Da Vinci Code more of a detective fiction I am not inclined to watch a second time.

The religious aspects of the film were just blown out of proportion, to the extent that movie goers flocked to the theaters out of sheer curiousity.

My simple mind provides an explanation why the film had to advance a baseless insinuation that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene.

Without such claim, there would have been no justification of Sophia's character. (Princess) Sophia is supposed to be last descendant of that royal bloodline that can be traced to Jesus Christ.

If I recall it right, it was alleged in the film that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. Naturally it would have created a widely negative reception in the Christian world had it been alleged that Jesus sired a descendant out of wedlock.

That is why Dan Brown had to concoct a wild suggestion that Jesus was locked in matrimony to Mary Magdalene.

I sympathize with the group Opus Dei because I think they were the ones disparaged in that film. The film suggested that this deeply religious and influential organization justified murder and assasinations. I don't think this is fair.

As a Christian, not a shred of my faith has not been shaken. I even left my faith at home when I watched the movie at Rockwell.

When I viewed the film there was nothing that made me believe or disbelieve.

There were suggestions in the film about things that happened sometime in history. We may never be able to verify and see that for ourselves.

But as an ordinary Christian, I can only find comfort and solace in the assuring words of our Lord who said that "blessed are those who do not see, yet believe."

Come to think of it, the movie only solidified my faith.

At least I have something to thank Dan Brown for.

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