Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Paradise called Antulang

There is a paradise in the south of Negros Oriental province (Philippines).

Simply called Antulang, it is undeniably one of the top resorts in the region.

The name Antulang was derived from a local flower called "Antulanga". The flower by the way, abounds in the resort.

Resort owner Juanito Boy Lee, personally oversees the continuing development of the resort, ably assisted by his children Anabelle and husband Edu, and son Jonathan.

Antulang is nestled on top of a cliff of rocks that welcomes visitors to a panoramic view facing the Mindanao sea.

Antulang is located in the town of Siaton, which is a 45 minute drive southwards from Dumaguete City.

According to Boy Lee, he "discovered" this paradise while he was engaging in one of his favorite hobbies: hunting.

And boy, Boy Lee has hunted and found a lot of beauty in this area.

Attracted to the place, Boy began to imagine how it can be developed into a worldclass resort.

Antulang has amenities that bring it to a league apart from ordinary resorts.

Immediately noticeable in Antulang are the private villas.

The villas are enclosed, thus it accords absolute privacy to its guests.

What the private villas offer are nothing less than excellent.

Within the enclosed premises and fronting the main bedroom is a private pool where one can dip to his heart's content.

Beside the private pool is a jacuzzi that will relax one's body after spending hours in the private pool.

The bedroom is first class.

There is a huge bed strategically placed in the center of the room with the headboard stuck to one side of the wall.

Fronting the bedroom is a glassdoor that will allow visitors view of the private pool and view further, the splendor of the Mindanao Sea.

Of course there are hot-and-cold water and refrigerator available 24/7.

Dream TV with a ready subscription card serves as entertainment. Kids just lie on the floor watching cartoon shows just in case the outside amenities drive them to boredom.

The private villas of Antulang is the place that can erase all the stress.

The presidential suite is one-of-a-kind. It is room that is built on top of one huge rock. It provides a different kind of privacy, as it has no walled fence. Yet nobody can easily approach since the rock upon which it stands is separated from the cliff.

Other than the private villas, there are fully air-conditioned cottages (cabanas) that is ideal even for honeymooners.

Sports activities can be arranged for guests if they choose to. Guided horse backriding is something kids will definitely enjoy.

There is also a large pool for swimming called the Infinity pool that allows swimmers to see and feel the pool extending to the horizon.

But I prefer to wade in the pool designed for training of scuba enthusiasts. The water is around 15-feet deep but is smaller that the regular infinity pool.

The sea beneath the resort affords an added place for enjoyment for Antulang guests.

Well-cemented stairways lead all the way to the shore below where guests can engage in another arena of fun.

You can go swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the white sands of Antulang.

But the most spectacular experience is riding on the MV Anabelle Lee.

Antulang provides a boat-stroll along the seas of Siaton aboard the MV Anabelle Lee.

The MV Anabelle Lee is anchored a few meters away from shore. So guests have to take a small motorized banca that will ferry them from the shore to the boat.

Guests are treated aboard to a full breakfast of their choice, while sightseeing.

The stroll will take guests to the renowned Tambobo Bay of Siaton. It is a body of water nearly encircled by land, and serves as refuge for boats in distress in times when the weather turns foul.

As a matter of fact, we discovered that so many yachts and sailboats skippered by people of different nationalities were the ones freely enjoying this majestic natural treasure, in the absence of any regulation by the local government.

We stopped for a while in Tambobo Bay, and dipped ourselves in the cool waters. The boat has available facilities for snorkeling.

The boat stroll aboard M/V Anabelle Lee capped a relaxing adventure.

Antulang is truly a paradise.

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