Saturday, February 20, 2010

Slain beauty’s FB pals air grief, anger, post possible leads

Facebook (FB) friends of slain former Miss Dumaguete (2007) Ann Rosefe Bernadeth Neri have aired expressions of grief, sadness, disbelief and even outright anger over her gruesome killing just before Valentines day.
Others have also posted innocent facts which could develop as possible leads in solving the killing.
Others continued to comment and marvel at her natural beauty, both in life, and even in death.
One Facebook poster who came to her wake commented: “She looks lyk sleeping beauty lng lying in her casket...our dear anrose..”
Facebook is a popular social networking site in the internet, with millions of users the world over.
The former beauty titlist had disclosed information, chatted with friends, and posted several of her striking photos on her Facebook profile for the world to see.
Ann Rose, as she was called, was shot and killed by a still unidentified gunman, at the Dumaguete plaza right in front of city hall, while conducting a rehersal for a show.
Dumaguete was kept abuzz about the killing, noting the brazenness of the way the murder was executed.
In Dumaguete City, different personalities have been killed in similar fashion.
A doctor, businessman, lawyer, student, city government treasurer, and now a beauty title holder have become part of a growing statistic of unsolved killings in Dumaguete City.
However, what kept this murder story buzzing is her apparent connections with certain high-profile personalities, as noted by their attendance of slain beauty’s wake and burial.
One newspaper (Visayan Daily Star) has reported that a prominent politician is linked to the crime, stating that police is focusing on him as a “suspect,” citing police statements.
When one is considered a suspect, it is commonly considered that the person may possibly have a hand in the commission of the crime.
However, the police has not disclosed any credible or established chain of events that would validate their “suspicions.”

Facebook friends express grief and anger

One FB poster shouted: “GRABE talaga! may Ann Rose rest in peace and may the culprits burn in hell!”
Another stated: “may you rest in peace... we look forward for justice to reign...”
“Sana mabigyan ng katarungan
,” said one poster.
Sana Mahuli Na Ang Tunay Na May Sala!” said another.
Sayang.........kaayo .......,” posted another.
One FB poster reported that she and Ann Rose were texting each other just before she was killed.
Another poster couldn’t hide his disbelief and said they were supposed to have met Ann Rose earlier that day she was killed.
Other posters who apparently are not based in Dumaguete posted questions, hoping that answers would be reported on FB.

Ann Rose had boyfriend?

One curious poster’s question was inquiring about Ann Rose’s family and asked whether her “bf” was also there.
Kumusta man ya family dai? naa sad ya bf didto? (How is her family? Was her bf also there?”
BF” is commonly understood to be an abbreviation of “boyfriend”
Apparently, Ann Rose, who listed her birthday as April 2, 1987, had a “bf” or boyfriend.
Other posters also publicly recognized the sensitivity of the death of Ann Rose.
One poster said he took pictures of the wake of Ann Rose, but would not post them publicly “for security reasons

Who was Ann Rose?

One poster apparently had some knowledge of Ann’s vulnerabilities and humanity.
He said: “nobody is perfect bya..kung nkasala mn gni si ann pero two rata....(Nobody is perfect. If Ann sinned, but were just human)”
One of Ann’s friends was just grafeful for Ann’s life: “ate ann,,thank you for everything,for the friendship, and for being there for me when i need you, your one of the GODs gift, i will never forget you ate ann, i love you, i know your resting now in peace with GOD..”

Cursing the culprit

One of Ann Rose’s distraught Facebook friends voiced expectedly harsh words for killer:
For the one took Ann Rosefe's life, may you have unsleepy life,
as the chill shall be upon your back, may the footsteps of dead give you a shock
,” he said
As long as you live, as long as you breathe, the spirit of guilt
shall haunt your conscience
,” he added
As every rise of the moon the sky, may you have a troubled life,” he concluded.

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