Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Melimore Saycon, 69

Dumaguete PRESS Club,Inc
mourns Melimore’s demise

It’s another sad day for MEDIA in Dumaguete. It was only a few weeks ago that we mourned the demise of media icon Press Sec. Cerge Remonde.

At about noon of Feb 22, 2010, just a few days after vernacular media icon Board Member Melimore “Bokal” Saycon gave thanks to God and people for his speedy recovery, he unexpectedly succumbed to a sudden relapse and died of cardiac arrest in the operating room of the Holy Child Hospital.

“Bokal” Mel’ Saycon’s demise has left a void in the news media industry in Negros Oriental. For Bokal Mel Saycon has aroused the imagination of thousands of his radio listeners in articulating in flawless Cebuano parlance the issues of the day every morning.

His consistent, aggressive and articulate ventilation of burning issues of the day in the Vernacular, has placed Bokal Mel Saycon in a special media pedestal because no doubt about it, he has become the No.l Cebuano radio commentator in this part of the country. Indeed he has filled the void vacated by another vernacular media icon Gerry Olis in the 80s. Yet now, the void is back with Melimore’s demise at the age of 69.
For those left behind, we shall pledge to carry the torch of FREEDOM of the Press which Mel has whole heartedly espoused. We can only approximate but cannot be at par with his brand of public service to the masses for which he has been known, and for which he has lived and died for.

So long, our dear colleague and big brother in media, BOKAL MEL SAYCON, until we resume our coverage of the NEWS, in the Great Beyond.

Your Colleagues in the MEDIA

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