Saturday, March 21, 2009

Journey in Manila When You Love A Woman

Here's Arnel Pineda singing his version of "When You Love A Woman" during the concert at the SM Mall of Asia March 14, 2009. This song became a hit the late 1990's, when Steve Perry briefly returned to the band.

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Kels 40 something chapter said...

Yep I got to admitt I was kinda on the fence about Arnel leading for Journey he is talented I will give him that but All those folks who say Journey is now a Cover band for Journy are right and I will tell you why this Video convinced me of that.It's because Arnel is just singing it because it's in the lineup for the show he is no way singing it because he feels an emotional connection to the song, I see no passion in this guys face when he sings.I guess like Simon Cowell from American Idol would say This performance is no different the Karaoke at your local VFW type bar.
Sorry Neal,Johnathan and Ross You need to beg and plead for Steve's forgiveness after all that you have done to him emotionally and to the integraty and class he brought to these kinds of songs.All in the name of so called friends???........Shame on you!