Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Frenchman looking for Ely

A French national emailed me and is looking for my father's email:

I'm Laurent (Lorenzo) Guillaume, a french guy that met with great
pleasure MM Eli Dejaresco and Lionel Chong during my vacations in
Dumaguete in year 2002 for the last time.
Between other good moments that we shared together, we used to play
frontennis in S.U. court.
I hope they're all doing fine now.
At that time, I was a young radio journalist and I'm now, for 4 years,
at the head of a small french radio station.
I'd like to reach Eli Dejaresco (your father?) to exchange a bit about
life generally speaking and also about radio.
I got your adress from your blog, which link I got from the Negros
Chronicle's website.
Could you please send me Eli's e-mail adress, or to tell him that I try
to reach him?
Thank you
Laurent Guillaume

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