Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chronicle reader monitors

A reader of Negros Chornicle on-line regularly points out some errors, and defficiencies of our on-line publication. We appreciate this very much because many times, we don't get to see our own mistakes. It takes the eyes from afar to notice it.
So thanks to H. Joseph "Joe" Dobrowolski.
We will try to refer the matter to the web admin.
Here is Joe's email:

Just a quick reminder:
1) 18 January link give a "page can't be found" dialog box
2) The current PDF copy link and the archives 22 February link BOTH give you the previous weeks paper.

Keep the news coming!

Joe D


Ebie said...

I have had the same experience, but failed to call your attention. Next time, I will alert, maybe Rhardoz. Nevertheless, I am thankful we get this for free.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay:
i've had the same experience but lately, it has been happening on the Sunday print version. There are so many mistakes... 'continued on page nn' but it's not there... 'continued on page' with no page number.. oftentimes you will find the continuation on another page or realize that there is none. Why has the editing 'gone to the dogs'?