Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sad reaction on Dr. Madamba's slay

What a sad day to know the death of Dr. Ami Madamba on the day I read his demise in your website and in the other news websites.
He is a kind-hearted person, a very intelligent doctor and a very respectable man indeed.
I analyze all the articles I read in the website news, I concluded the Killer take advantage of the series of killings in the city so his death will be put to blame in the City of Dumaguete.
Deeper into my analysis, the killing is intentional and it is the -MONEY- that lead to his death.
A random killings will only shot the person once and drove away as fast as they can but the killer of the doctor shot him twice to make sure that he is really dead.
I have a high regards of Dr. Ami Madamba way back then when I meet him 25 years ago.
You can talk to him anything and everything and he was there listening to you and understand your situation.
He is such a wonderful person to be with in every ways and in every day of your life.
I cherished people like Dr. Ami Madamba and it was sad to know that he was gone and never to see him again.


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