Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Budget expert

I got a letter from a staff of Congressman Guingona, who is reading my articles on the budget.
Here is her email message:

Dear Jay,

I am Tina Mendoza, Media Liason Officer of Cong. TG Guingona.

I was able to read your article "Breathing Space" when I was still in Dumaguete and brought it with me here in Manila. The article "Understanding the Budget" is close to my heart because my boss is "a budget reform advocate." It's just unfortunate that we never have the chance to see each other when I went to your place although, I was able to talked to you over the phone and I am thanking you for that. Thank you also for the interview...

I am sharing with you some files on budget and an article below. I hope it can contribute to your many other refferences..

Very truly yours,

Should you need a speaker or guest to any budget (govnt spending) speaking engagement in your place, juz give us a ring...

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