Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cafe Lawis in Dauis

In between a very hectic working day today in Tagbilaran city, we had a late afternoon snack in the town accross the island called Dauis.
I went home to Bohol for some legal work for the family corporation.
I took a side trip from Cebu as I was having hearings there.
Anyway it was the first time I visited another restaurant in Dauis called Cafe Lawis.
What a spectacle!
There was an unexpected view like no other.
Cafe Lawis is on the premises of the old Dauis church so nobody can miss it.
My hearing is that Bea Zobel developed the area to the tune of P7M---probably more.
The church was renovated.
Visibly changed was the roof of the church.
The restuarant is both indoor and outdoor.
It's an artist's lair obviously.
Outside, it was a breath taiking view of Tagbilran and the main Bohol island.
Dauis is in Panglao island accross.
I remember Saturday afternoons, my grandfather would ask me to drive him for the 4 o'clock mass at the Dauis church.
But I never thought there was a view to marvel just beside the church.
So if you ever come to Panglao island, try to visit Cafe Lawis.

They got nice food, too.
There this sandwich made out of chicken adobo.
Their dessert is a must-try.
They call it Souffle.
My utter lack of sophistication betrays my ignorance of this term.
Its the first time I've heard such kind of dessert.
Its made of soft muffin served hot, with a creamy liquid like tsokolate, and with ice cream.
Now beat that.
It was what I called a food trip.
We went with my Tita Ito, Tito Jun, Tita Milet and cousin Ating.
We seldom get together nowadays so it was fun to hook up once again.


Khristinne said...

Tatiiiiiiing :) Next time I go there I'll go for the chicken adobo!

Jay Dejaresco said...

I feel hungry again!
Nice ang paninininini!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this place holds wedding ceremony? Who would i inquire for information? Thanks, sherielou

Webdesign, Marketing and SEO said...

They do indeed host weddings...
they also have a new website im now working on the site and will have contact info for Cafe Lawis soon up on the website. Thanks Bohol Web Design