Monday, June 02, 2008

Taxi service in Dumaguete

There are taxi services beginning to operate in Dumaguete City.
The last time I flew in to Dumaguete, I immediately saw a line of white taxi cabs waiting for passengers at the airport.
I inquired from Mario, a driver of a rent-a-van who was also waiting for customers at the airport about the new fleet of taxi cabs.
He said it is being operated by a Korean, and indeed, the cars were Korean brand.
It is a good thing to note that taxi's have begun to ply the streets of Dumaguete again.
Apparently there is a growing clientle taxi customers, particularly from teh tourist sector.
I recall the first time that taxi's operated in Dumaguete was in the 1970's when I was a small kid.
I think it was the late Fr. Eleuterio Tropa who began operating taxi cabs in the city, using small cars called "minicas".
The service was shortlived, however, as there was not enough market to sustain the viability of the taxis then.


Ken Cox said...

Can some kind person please post a Tel No for this NEW Taxi service

Jay Dejaresco said...

Dumaguete Taxi contact number
(63-35) 2263333

mobile number +63917-720-2000

dokan sam said...

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