Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Train to London

I am here at the Mactan airport again coming from a hearing.
Today I presented one of the complainants Guadalupe as my witness.
It was a very lively presentation, mainly because of the adverse counsel who is the counterpart of a circus acrobat.
He is already of age, full of experience and--can you beat it---a former judge.
But I like his style of cross examination of trying to intimidate witnesses, by appearing as if he is about to devour a prey.
This, even if he is equipped with enormously hallow questions.
The way to counter this style is to distract by objecting to his cross questions.
One of the distracting objections I raised was his habit of finger-pointing the witness.
I told the adverse counsel that he would not like it if somebody were to point a finger at him.
He exploded. "Don't lecture to me!" he roared at me.
Mission accomplished.
The proceedings never become boring.
Anyway, while I was on the way to the airport, I boraded an old taxi, and I was swept by the equally antiquated music, that I haven't heard in a generation.
It was the Electric Light Orchestra's "Last Train To London."
The chorus is infectious: "I really want our love to last forever.
I really wanna be with you."
Immediately I squeezed into a time warp and remembered the days when this song was a hit in the early 1980's.
I can just imagine dusting the blue-labled 45 rpm record.

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