Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stringrays in Pamilacan

The first time we went to Pamilacan island in Bohol we learned, apart from its virginity, that a lot of stingrays are hunted there and sold as edible meat int he local markets.

I took some video shots of these stingrays that were butchered to pieces.

But if you ask the locals, they will readily deny that they hunt for stingrays.

They will just advance the excuse that the stingrays were accidently caught in their nets and died naturally.

But later in the day, my attention was turned to a group of local fishers butchering the stingrays.

This has led me to think and believe that this is really a cottage industry in this quiet, island.

When you hear the word "stingray", one cannot but associate it with the late Steve Irwin, the famous Australian corcodile hunter who met his untimely death by that fatal puncture by a deadly stingray tail.

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Anonymous said...

i am greatly saddened by this... can you send the video to the proper authorities so that they can take steps?... I know the Philippine bureaus and agencies are filled with red tape and corruption but we must try to put a stop to this.

-- tree-hugger