Friday, April 11, 2008

Searching for Christ the King

It is not difficult to search for Christ the King.
Unfortunately, it is we ourselves, who make it difficult to search and find Christ the King.
We open our eyes, yet we do not see.
There is an anecdote by Fr. Jerry Orbos, about the search for Christ the King.
Fr. Jerry relates the story about an elderly woman who asked him where Christ the King is.
Fr. Jerry said it just along E. Rodriguez Avenue, not far away from St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City.
Christ the King seminary, run by the SVD’s, is where Fr. Jerry Orbos holds office.
After a while, the elderly woman called Fr. Jerry again via cell phone to tell him that she searched, but still couldn’t find Christ the King.
The woman said, “Father, what I saw were Burger-King, Tapa King, Goto King, and Chow King. But I can’t find Christ the King.”
Fr. Jerry retorted, “Manang, in your sojourn, you seem to find all sorts of “kings” but you cannot find Christ the King, when it is just right there.”
Fr. Jerry added: “After you find all these “kings” there is a gate there with a man in white uniform. He is the security guard named Mang Pa-king. That, for sure is Christ the King.”
There is a parallelism about this anecdote with what happens in real life.
Father Jerry says, many of us living our lives, easily find different kinds of “kings.”
There are money-kings, material-kings, worldly-kings, vice-kings.
Yet it is so difficult to find the real “King” who is Christ the King.
Many of us are looking for the wrong “king.”
It is time to search the right King---Christ the King.

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