Friday, September 28, 2007

Warning on filing petition for review

I squeezed myself inside the elevator at the Makati city hall after a hearing a few days ago.
It was a pack of lawyers.
I heard a colleague giving a warning that the Supreme Court has recently dismissed a peition for review allegedly for the sole reason that the affidavit of service attached to the petition contained an improper jurat.
The lawyer explained that the affidavit of service was improperly notarized, as it did not comply with the new notary rules.
The new notarial rules have set more stringent requirements, particuarly in identifying the affiants.
The colleague said, "Imagine, your petition could be dismissed based on a notarial irregularity in the affidavit of service."
He said it was a July 2007 ruling of the Supreme Court.
I should verify this.

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