Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Faved rebel resto

Occassionally, we partake of a weekly salo-salo of home made food, drinks and refreshments in a park in Makati at Velasquez Street.
Every Saturday there are a variety of home made food sold to the public.
They range from common Filipino food and dishes like sinugbang isda, barbique, lechon, roasted calf, to French food (which I can't recognize, nay remember), Italian pasta and pizza.
I brought my camera one Saturday and what caught my eye was a food stall which perhaps could be a favorite restaurant of the dreaded terrorists/bandits from the south.
Meantime, a stall selling roasted calf had a catchy and amusing name for thier store.
If you are in Manila, tyring visiting Veslasquez park in Makati, along Alfaro Street.
There is different kind of a food festival going around the area.

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