Sunday, September 23, 2007

Desperate, silly proposal

What is this silly proposal of some congressmen to postpone the barangay elections scheduled on October 29, 2007?
According to some congressmen, the brangay elections should be postponed because of the controversies hounding the chair of the Comelec, commissioner Benjamin Abalos.
They are saying that since Abalos is busy defending himself of the anomalous broadband contract mess, the barangay elections should be postponed.
This is a silly proposal, a clear sign of desperateness.
Abalos is not the Comelec. If Abalos is busy defending himself against these charges of having received kickbacks, then Abalos should take a leave of absence so that the Comelec can function continuously, and proceed to hold the barangay elections.
Nobody is indespensable.
Besides, Abalos' legacy and stint at the Comelec is so rotten that the Comelec is better off without him.
With Abalos at the Comelec, the 2004 and the 2007 midterm elections have been scraped of all credibility.
2004 will be remembered for the Garci scandal. 2007 will be unforgotten for the Bedol black magic.
Theses were all under the auspicies of commissioner Abalos.
Don't forget, the multi-million dollar Mega Pacific botched computerization program of the Comelec.
Congressmen don't want barangay elections to proceed. They want the status quo maintained because many of these incumbent barangay officials are their political proteges.
If barangay elections are held, congressmen will have to invest and take cash out of their pockets to fund their political proteges running in the barangays polls.
Now, the latest ploy of some of these congressmen to postpone the October barangay elections is not only outlandish.
Its plain stupid.

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