Monday, March 19, 2007

La Libertad killings: It was a massacre, not an ambush

It was a friend who is member of the Philippine National Police who told me that what happened in La Libertad town last March 9, 2007, where seven innocent civilians were killed, was not an ambush but a massacre.
An agency of the Philippine National Police, which I will not reveal at this time, is already on top of the situation conducting an intense investigation into the massacre.
As has been published in the local papers, seven innocent civilians were killed when unidentified gunmen using a grenade launcher, machine guns and pistols opened fire at the truck they were riding while they were on their way home to a far flung barangay in the town of La Libertad at around 5:30 p.m. last March 9.
This case got my attention because my paternal grandparent was a native of La Liberatd. We have so many relatives in that sleepy town, more than one hundred kilometers north of Dumaguete City Negros Oriental.
I was able to meet some of the victims fortunate enough to survive the fatal ordeal, and lived to tell their harrowing tales.
I will report on the incident, and what the witnesses told me. The witnesses, six of them are now housed in a secure place and are under the custody of authorities. Their statements are now being documented, and will be used as basis in filing multiple murder charges against the perpetrators.

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