Monday, March 05, 2007

Another libel case

Another libel case has been referred to me.
This time it involves my uncle Peter who is running the radio station in Tagbilaran Bohol.
The libel, I think is an offshoot of the political season as warring poilitical factions engage in mudslinging, against each other.
Sometimes, the messenger gets stuck in the middle of the crossfire.
As an overview, a municipal councilor was subject of stinging commentaries over the radio station on a bloc-time program.
The bloc-time was paid for by the opponents of the councilor.
The councilor, then files a criminal libel case against the broadcasters or anchors of the bloc time, but included my uncle as the management of the radio station, who allegedly failed to stop these derogatory remarks.
In my phone conversation with my uncle, the complainant and his political allies are also maintaining their own bloc time in another competing station.
So why did he file a libel complaint when the playing field is equal?
I would surmise no one, if at all listens to the complainant's radio bloc time program.
That is why he is resorting to legal moves.
Well, the political cauldron is starting to heat up.

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