Friday, March 09, 2007

Integrated Bar innovations

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) the recognized association of lawyers in the Philippines has embarked on a new information diseemination scheme using advances of technology like the cellphone.
If a lawyer subscribes or registers with the IBP, he gets update informations about legal developments through text messages.
That is certainly one way of making the IBP relevant to practicing lawyers.
Before, I really don;t know exactly what the IBP has been doing for the benefit of lawyers in the country.
However, they still have to fine tune their "unlawyerly" text message updates because it creates confusion, if not panic to some lawyers like me.
In one expereince, the IBP text update stated: "AM-99-10-05-0 (2-20-2007) SC adopts rule prohibiting the issuance of injunction/TWO against extrajudicial or judicial foreclosure of Real Estate Mortgages."
I panicked over this text message update from the IBP, prompting me to directly go to the website of the Philippine Supreme Court and verify.
As a law practitioner, prohibiting TRO's/injunctions in foreclosure proceedings is a huge matter.
Upon verification, the update was grossly inaccurate as there was really no prohibition, but merely the adoption of stricter rules before trial courts issuance of TROs or injunctions.
A few days later, the IBP apparently seeing their mistake, sent another text message which stated:
"AM-99-10-05-0 (2-20-07) SC adopts strict requirements on issuance of TRO/injunction against foreclosure of real state (sic) mortgage."
From "prohibiting " it has been changed to "strict requirements".
While the first text message included the word "judicial", it was eliminated in the nexgt text message.
The IBP should be conscious about being precise, lest it be accused of engaging in rumour-mongering, and creating panic among colleagues in the profession.

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