Sunday, December 10, 2006

Working weekend

It's been a tough weekend. It's been a working weekend.
I hate working on weekends.
But I have deadlines to beat, pleadings to make.
I have to prepare for the coming work week.
It's a rainy Sunday today. It rained all day.
I am having colds.
The rains have been caused by the passing typhoon called Seniang.
The storm did not hit Metro Manila. Nor did it hit Cebu, which was supposed to host the 12th Asen Summit.
But Gloria called it off, allegedly due to the storm.
It looks like it was another kind of storm which prompted the President to skip the Asean Summit.
Talking about politics, Jose De Venecia is falling to his own trap.
Senators have rebuffed De Venecia's challenge to pass a resolution calling for a constitutional convention.
The good Speaker had threatened to continue with the constituent assembly if the Senate does not heed his challenge.
Well, he will have to make good his threats.
Go ahead Joe. Continue with your charade.
It's your move now.

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