Monday, December 04, 2006

Ella and Marnie

My first cousin Ingrid Pamela Dejaresco Araneta, in her twenties, will tie the knot on December 16 2006 a Saturday. We call her "Ella", short for Pamela. Her friends call her Ingrid.
She weds her boyfriend of more than five years, Marnie Calubaquib.
Anyway, Marnie and Ella hooked up when they were still in college at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
Both are currently working in Singapore.
Marnie is in Information Technology, while Ella, being a topnotch architecture graduate from UP (top of her class magna cum laude), works for a company in Singapore.
We stayed in their apartment when we visited Singapore early this year.
Ella is the eldest daughter of my father's younger sister Charito (Tita Ito) and Antonio Araneta (Tito Tony).
The family is based in Cebu. Ella's sister is Kristine "Ating" who is incidentally here in Manila right now.
She has two younger brothers, Dex, and Kyle.
Marnie hails from Tuguegarao.
We chose to give a simple gift for Ella and Marnie on their wedding.
Since she sent through yahoo photos, an album of their ante-nuptial pictorials, we took the opportunity to have one of the pictures drawn by charcoal.
I am posting the scanned charcoal portrait of the two, plus the black and white photo that I printed on my computer.
We are of course attending the wedding in Cebu, since our son Joshua is part of the entourage.
So we are going back to the province earlier.

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ingrid said...

hi ting,

didn't know you wrote about us in your blog :) thanks for the charcoal drawing of our picture. it was one of the best gifts we got.

hope to see you soon in singapore :)

hugs to ybiang and josh :)