Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Down with flu

I am down with flu for the past two days already.
While I am statying at home, still its work that dominates my day.
Yesterday, while having fever, I decided not to attend the pre-trial and just called up the court and the opposing counsel.
Still the judge fined me P200 for not attending.
This is really a problem in procedure. A counsel hasn't filed any motion to postpone, because he was really bent on attending the hearing.
But on the morning of the hearing, he experiences ill health preventing him from attending.
What can be done?
Anyway in the afternoon, while having head-wrecking colds, I went to file a motion with the Quezon City trial court, just to beat the three day notice rule.
The scorching heat made by condition worse.
Today I have to file pleadings to the Court of Appeals. Fever or no fever because its deadline.
That's the kind of job lawyers have which many do not get to see.
The deadlines do not accord a time out, fever or no fever.

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