Friday, April 21, 2006

Worldclass Stonecraft

In the province of Negros Oriental in the Phlippines, a family owned enterprise is manufacturing world class stone craft products. Their products skillfully handcrafted have become known not only here int eh Phiippines, but abroad.

One of the major endorsers of the stonecrafts of N.O.A.H. Negros Oriental Arts and Heritage was the former President of the country, Fidel V. Ramos. During his Presidency he used to order stonecrafts which he owuld bring with him when he made state or official visits abroad.

These proudly Philppine made stoncrafts were given as gifts to dignitaries abroad.

Here are some of their products......

These products are exquisitely inlaid with various Philippine gemstones such as jade, agate, jasper, onyx, petrified wood, seashells, cave stones, mountain stones, fossils, river stones, and minerals.

Purely handcrafted with love and patience by the Negrenses in the province of Negros Oriental one of the seven thousand islands of the Philippines.

Designs are created and others reproduced from antique pieces of famous artists all over the world

God given art today, generation Heritage Of tomorrow...

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