Thursday, April 20, 2006

A visit to Sumilon Island

Once an island under the care of Silliman Unversity, Sumilon, nestled at the southern tip of Cebu province between Negros island, is now a haven for tourists and visitors seeking to enjoy its marine treausres.
Sumilon is a place for diving, fishing, snorkling or just enjoying a day at the beach.
Silliman Unversity has relinquished its hold on the island, and is now under the jurisdiction of Cebu. There is a resort in the island despite, even with the absence of electricity and running water.

It was my first time to visit Sumilon. Imagine, its the nearest island from Negros Oriental, other than Apo island, yet, I have never visited the place until last Sunday. It is a 40-minute [motor launch ride from Silliman beach.

Sumilon is a place to just enjoy natures bounties. Weh we went there, I saw trekkers exploring the island. Just the day before, Japanese tourist were fishing in the area, and came home with a fish bounty .

You can reach Sumilon by hiring a motor launch that cots about P4,000, good for thirty passengers. You can bring your own food to the island. You will pay P50 docking fee and P10 each if you want to swim just meters from the white sand.

We went there for a fishing trip early in the morning aborad the M/V Le Marian owned by a friend who leases the boat to tourists. On a hot summer day, its a great time to come to Sumilon island.

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