Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: Gone to soon...

This morning Friday June 26, 2009 I woke up hearing the news that Michael Jackson has died.
I was first infomed about Michael Jackson's death via text message and I immediately turned on CNN.
I felt a prick in my heart upon hearing the news.
I never admitted it but I was, I am, a Michael Jackson fan.
Who isn't?
Michael Jackson's superstardom spanned generations.
I am one who grew up in radio.
I was a spinner and disc jockey for a quite a time in my young life.
I have so much memories of playing Michael Jackson songs on radio.
Michael Jackson had so many hits.
He had many dance tunes.

But many of his ballads were, I think, songs that defined him, and gave the world a peek of his own life.
The ballads he sang in his young life were so full of emotions.
You can feel he was singing the story of his life.
I believe one of Michael Jackson's greatest songs was "Ben" (a song about a rat).
It's genius was in its simplicity.
I think when he sang about having a friend like Ben, Michael was talking about how great it was to have a friend like him.
So many nasty things have been said agasint Michael Jackson.
But we can never deny the fact that in life, he used his talent and influence responsibly.
While sitting at the top of the music world in the 1980's he gatehred America's pop elite.
He spearheaded a global humanitarian mission.
He was the moving force behind United States Artists (USA) for Africa which came up with "We Are The World".
Proeeds of the song were given to others who suffered.
"To whom much is given, much is expected," we are taught.
Michael complied with flying colors.
Michael could've done more for humanity.
But it was an abrupt end.
He was "Gone Too Soon..."

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