Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shake Off, Stand over

Today Sunday I attended mass.
The homily was the parable of the "shake-off, stand-over" carabao.
Once there was a carabao that fell onto a dried up well.
When the villagers living in the area learned about this, they tried to kill the carabao.
What they did was to bury the carabao alive in the dry well.
So the villagers threw soil, garbage, dirt, and everything to bury the carabao with.
Each time they threw the soil, garbage and dirt, it settled on the carabao's back.
And each time it settled on the carabao's back, the carabao would shake off its back and remove it, and the soil, garbage and dirt settled to the ground.
Thus, it would allow the carabao to stand over the soil, garbage and dirt.
this happened continuously until the soil, garbage and dirt piled up and the carabao was gradually elevated until it reached the surface.
Instead of burying alive the carabao with soil, garbage and dirt, the carabao used it to stand over after shaking it off.
The morale of the story?
Each time you feel down, when soil, garbage and dirt are thrown upon you.
Just shake it off, and stand over it.

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